Our artificial graft eliminates the harvesting of vessels for cardiac bypass surgery, which improves the quality of life for patients and reduces costs for the healthcare system.


There are over 800,000 heart bypass surgeries performed every year.  For each bypass surgery, the surgical team performs an additional procedure to remove - or "harvest" - vessels from the patient's legs or arms.  These vessels are then used for the bypasses.


Eliminating this extra surgery significantly decreases both procedure time for the surgical team and recovery time for the patient.  It decreases the risk of infection[1] and prevents additional scarring, pain, and other complications to the patient.  Our artificial bypass graft will eliminate the need for this extra surgery, making bypass surgery easier for patients and less expensive for the healthcare system.


Current Methods

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Global Need 

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the #1 cause of death globally.  Almost two billion adults are at risk for heart disease, a result of worldwide obesity tripling since 1975.[2]


Minimally invasive treatments for cardiac blockages, such as stents, can be helpful in some cases.  But, when more than two arteries are involved, bypass has been the preferred option.[3]  In addition, bypass surgery is typically the method that provides more complete revascularization.[4]  With over 800,000 bypass surgeries performed globally each year, there is great market potential for our graft.



Our founder, Manny Villafaña, Ph.D.Sc., started Medical 21 to significantly improve the quality of life for cardiac bypass patients by eliminating the need to surgically remove vessels from the legs and arms prior to bypass surgery.  

Medical 21, Inc. is a developmental stage medical device company.  We are developing and intend to commercialize and market an artificial graft to bypass lesions in the heart

and other parts of the patient.  Every year over 800,000 cardiac bypass surgeries are performed[5], using an average of 2.5 grafts per procedure.[6]


Our revolutionary product has potential to impact these many lives and also reduce overall healthcare costs in the cardiac bypass surgery market. Manny has put together a team who collectively possess decades of experience in the successful development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing

of medical products to the domestic and international healthcare markets.



The Medical 21, Inc. team has a long, proven history of creating incredible and lasting value in the medical device industry.


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