Our Purpose 

To eliminate the "harvesting" of vessels for cardiac bypass surgery - improving the quality of life for patients, and reducing costs for the healthcare system.


There are over 800,000 heart bypass surgeries performed annually.  For each of those surgeries, the surgical team needs to perform a second procedure, either on the patient's legs or arms, to harvest vessels that will be used for the bypasses.


That second surgery can result in pain, additional scarring, and other complications for the patient.  If there is an infection, it can lead to an exponential increase in cost.  An artificial bypass graft will eliminate the need for this second surgery, making it easier for patients and less expensive for the healthcare system.

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A Global Need 

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the number one cause of death globally.  According to the World Health Organization, worldwide obesity has tripled since 1975, resulting in almost two billion adults being at risk for heart disease.


Minimally invasive treatments for cardiac blockages, such as stents, have been developed. But, when more than two arteries are involved, bypass has been the preferred option.  With over 800,000 bypass surgeries happening globally each year, there is a strong demand for innovation.




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